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textbook narcissism: a primer
for some reason or another, i ended up rewatching the winter soldier earlier today, to (i'm pretty sure) the annoyance of everyone within a 10 mile radius of my broken sobs. i'll get back to posting/talking/thinking about things that are not where's bucky bear. eventually. probably. i mean, i'll probably get quiet about it again. soon. or not.

at least i got some icons out of this, along with the tears.

[ Here,
again, telling you everything with no reason but for
memory’s insistence that I string an apology from what I see. ]

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textbook narcissism: a primer
Title: 너무 예뻐 (진실 된 사랑의 마음을)
Pairing: kai/xiumin
Rating: pg-13
Genre: slice-of-life
Warnings: swearing, mentions of sex, awkward confessions, awkward everytHING
Author: upchucked
Notes: the things i do for satan (jeynebesterling) hahahaha kill me now.

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textbook narcissism: a primer

because apart from steve rogers, there's probably no one who has wailed as often or as loudly about this dude than i have. pretend i have unlearned to feelings when i unlearned to make graphics. pretend this never happened.

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textbook narcissism: a primer
23 April 2014 @ 22:22
i wish there were more i could rec, but sadly this isn't a pairing that gets much good stuff written for them, something which i hope changes in the future. hopefully without the need of any loki or clint/the bald guy.

my most sincere of apologies if y'all have already read most/all of these. I TRIED TO GO BACK AS FAR AS I COULD FOR GOOD STORIES, but again, this isn't a corner of fandom where works overflow.

tl; dr:

( x )

i wash my hands.

mixed pov

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bucky pov

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steve pov

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everyone is going to join me here in sadness and frostbite land.