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textbook narcissism: a primer
for some reason or another, i ended up rewatching the winter soldier earlier today, to (i'm pretty sure) the annoyance of everyone within a 10 mile radius of my broken sobs. i'll get back to posting/talking/thinking about things that are not where's bucky bear. eventually. probably. i mean, i'll probably get quiet about it again. soon. or not.

at least i got some icons out of this, along with the tears.

[ Here,
again, telling you everything with no reason but for
memory’s insistence that I string an apology from what I see. ]

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textbook narcissism: a primer

because apart from steve rogers, there's probably no one who has wailed as often or as loudly about this dude than i have. pretend i have unlearned to feelings when i unlearned to make graphics. pretend this never happened.

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textbook narcissism: a primer
23 April 2014 @ 22:22
i wish there were more i could rec, but sadly this isn't a pairing that gets much good stuff written for them, something which i hope changes in the future. hopefully without the need of any loki or clint/the bald guy.

my most sincere of apologies if y'all have already read most/all of these. I TRIED TO GO BACK AS FAR AS I COULD FOR GOOD STORIES, but again, this isn't a corner of fandom where works overflow.

tl; dr:

( x )

i wash my hands.

mixed pov

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bucky pov

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steve pov

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everyone is going to join me here in sadness and frostbite land.
textbook narcissism: a primer
Title: (the perks of) separation anxiety
Pairing: d.o./suho
Rating: pg-13
Genre: slice-of-life
Warnings: swearing, mentions of sex
Author: upchucked
Notes: tiny old marrieds fic for gaby! joonmyun is going to the army soon. kyungsoo deals. 6.5k

“It’s going to be fine,” Joonmyun replies, voice toneless, perfectly friendly, and Kyungsoo spares himself a moment to roll his eyes, bites back a no shit.Collapse )

i'm in love w her and i feel: accomplishedaccomplished