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ride to scourge mankind

( noona u so hawt replay replay )

textbook narcissism: a primer
18 October
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ac-cen-tchu-ating the positive, adverb abuse, aesthetically pleasing bone structures, andrew bird, angry english kids, aretha franklin, assassin felines, ayo gg, babylon 5, bbc period dramas, blasphemy, boats, brass bands, bucky barnes, buggre alle this, but cashier i'm bigbang, cabbagey answers, calling people son, cellos & pianos, changminnie changdol min-ah, charles aznavour, cheap wine, clean old men, coffee, crowley & aziraphale, crows, dammit jim!, dead lady poets society, defenestration, defunct boybands, diana wynne jones, do you reckon?, dragons, dysfunctional families, epik high, etta james's vocal chords, expletives, fish & chips, gianna jun, girl wonders, hayao miyazaki, heist movies, horace the chest monster, hot assistants, hulk/ramen, humming, i'm-a-doctor-not-a, illustration, it's onew condition, joe hisaishi, joe strummer, junot díaz, k-pop! goes your heart, ladies in suits, lady pirates, lily 'the legs' evans, little king trash mouth, lying low at lupin's, m8, mary crawley's eyebrows, mercedes sosa, meself, miles morales, miss america chavez, moon-faced assassins of joy, moral ambiguity, moving castles, my dear lady disdain, my dear watson, nameless romulan commanders, noona romances, otis redding, overtures, pads & prongs, parlez-vous sarcasm?, pink is the flavor, puns, receding hairlines, remus's furry little problem, renly's little rose, roger that rogers, roman à clef, romance languages, rufus wainwright, salad snobbery, sandra cisneros, scouse accents, second breakfast, shakespeare's dark lady, shakespeare's dark lord, sheffield accents, shinee's back back back, space operas, stiff upper lips, strictly business, studio ghibli, sweatervests, taking hobbits to isengard, terry pratchett, the black death, the book of revelation, the fitzgeralds, the haus of blaq, the middle ages, the other brontë sister, the-dolphins-is-the-point-i'm-trying-to-make, three-part harmonies, tough northern men, turing's apple, unbirthdays, unhealthily codependent frenemy assholes, unsugary tea, vain wizards, verily baby verily, viking boats, vincent & theo, whistling, who the hell's bucky?, who's scruffy-looking?, wrist tattoos, yeah yeah yeah, zachary francis unfortunate lastname, zaphod beeblebrox, 林俊傑